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Be yourself & Do great work - Juslivy Pena

Juslivy Pena, Contracts Administrator

We know how important our work is in helping to bridge the digital divide and create more connectivity in the community.

— Juslivy Pena

Contracts Administrator

I wanted to work in an innovative sector, somewhere that presented a challenge. That’s what lead me to Boldyn Networks.

I mainly work on compliance and contractual obligations. Within my team, we’re working with the MTA (the Metropolitan Transport Authority in New York) on the expansion of the 5G fibre network to increase carrier connectivity. So, we work on the license agreement and I collaborate with the engineers and security teams to make sure we comply with our obligations.

Even though we don't participate directly in the build process, we still see the milestones we make as a business and how we’ve helped to achieve those goals. We know how important our work is in helping to bridge the digital divide and create more connectivity in the community. Everybody should have a connection to the internet. It gives them access to information and information is power.

My manager has been a sort of mentor to me, helping me to understand the business better. And whenever I see an opportunity to learn and develop, I know I can ask her for help. We’re actually working on creating a specific mentorship program as part of the IDEA council – that’s our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Actions team. It’s a global council that opens up the dialogue around important issues, and offers people the chance to raise their concerns and join in with activities. We’re also working with the UN Global Compact, which is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

When I learned about what the IDEA council do and what their aims are, I felt like it reflected my own values. So, now I’m part of the local teams for New Jersey and New York. Everyone is willing to participate, because we’re such a collaborative team. We really respect each other, our values and diversities. And I can see that the company is making affirmative actions to make changes and hear people. To celebrate and commemorate every aspect of our diverse community.

If I had to describe our culture, I would say approachable, transparent and diverse. We have regular updates from our executives, weekly team messages telling us important news and monthly meetings where people can ask questions. There’s a lot of transparency, not just

within our specific department, but also the wider company and our future plans. It’s especially important right now, with the issues facing the global economy. We’re also in the process of launching our new brand, so there's a lot of change happening and that can bring uncertainty. The transparency we have and the way we communicate makes it all easier.

I think one of the most remarkable things about our business is that we’re not just providing a service. We’ve made a commitment to building a sustainable future and creating opportunities for everyone. And really, it’s all because of the people. The team just want to do their best every day and that's something I appreciate a lot.

Build a better future and do great work.

Juslivy Pena and the team around the world. Build a better future and do great work.