BAI Communications (in the Northern Hemisphere), Mobilitie, Signal Point, Transit Wireless, Vilicom and ZenFi Networks have rebranded to Boldyn Networks. Combining the power of six global companies into one of the world's largest neutral host providers. Learn more.

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Real Estate

Wireless connectivity for buildings of every kind

If you're an occupier or owner of a commercial office building. The manager of large residential properties or planning the build of a new mixed use property. Whatever type of building, we can help you connect it.


Commercial real estate

Commercial developers & investors

Attract high-quality tenants – and keep them

Whether you’re developing a new property or retrofitting an old one, we can design, build and manage the wireless infrastructure you need. Indoor and outdoor 4G/5G mobile networks as distributed antenna systems or small cells. We do it all for properties of every class and size, from small buildings to mega-developments.

Poor on-site connectivity is likely to frustrate existing tenants and send potential tenants out the door. But how can you improve the situation with many wireless carriers no longer funding in-building networks?

Because our solutions are neutral host, multiple service providers can use them. So whatever carrier they use, tenants can enjoy a great wireless experience. This approach also requires less space and power. And with our flexible funding options, you can choose to pay upfront or over time.

We meet your wireless infrastructure needs from end to end. It starts by tailoring a solution for your unique property. And once it’s built, we manage it all. That includes 24/7 monitoring to keep your network optimised and your tenants connected.


Residential developers & investors

Invest in the homes of the future – Connected. Convenient. Captivating.

In the contemporary residential landscape, digital connectivity is equal to utilities like water and electricity. With fluctuating wireless carrier offerings, how can you guarantee that tenants won't grapple with signal dead zones, interrupting their daily digital routines? How will connectivity impact your occupancy?

Build-to-rent, new mixed use properties or retrofitting. Leveraging our expansive fibre network in London and strong partnerships in other cities, we ensure that every resident experiences unrivalled digital connectivity right at their doorstep. Whatever the bulding.

Our neutral-host model guarantees a seamless experience across all mobile carriers. What's more, our cloud-centric solutions mean less physical hardware, translating to sleeker, modern, clutter-free residential spaces and less to manage for your teams on the ground.

Our commitment to residential property developers and landlords is unwavering. From curating a tailored connectivity blueprint to round-the-clock management, we've got you covered. Let's redefine the residential experience together, making every home a beacon of digital excellence.

Enterprise tenants

Enterprise connectivity solutions

Empower your modern office: Connected. Cloud-based. Comprehensive.

From inner-city offices to multi-building campuses, we cater to the diverse demands of the enterprise sector. Our expertise spans across cutting-edge Indoor and outdoor 4G/5G mobile networks as distributed antenna systems or small cells. Diverse enterprise needs, one solution: ours.

In today's high-mobility corporate world, consistent connectivity isn’t just a luxury – it's a necessity. Dropped calls and buffering meetings? Not in your office. With a neutral host mobile network that works for all carriers, everywhere in your building, you can ensure that your people can stay connected.

Neutral-host? Of course. Our approach guarantees universal compatibility with all mobile carriers. Beyond just broadening connection horizons, we’re reducing your office clutter. By leveraging cloud-based solutions, we minimise physical hardware, leaving more space for what truly matters: your business operations.

Your connectivity journey with us is comprehensive. Beginning with a bespoke strategy crafted for your enterprise, we then deploy, manage, and maintain. 24/7. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring your enterprise always has the competitive edge in connectivity, wherever you are.

Construction consultants

Construction & M&E Consultants

Building future proof digital infrastructure

In the modern construction world, a property's value is augmented by its digital prowess. When your clients need a solution that works every time, Boldyn Networks is the answer. With thousands of successful network deployments across the US, UK and Europe under our belt, we're ready to deploy a seamless mobile network that works with every carrier, every time.

Our experience spans across diverse construction scenarios and challenges. Every solution we offer is tailored to your project's unique demands. Ensuring each build stands out as a beacon of digital excellence in a rapidly evolving landscape.

For Mechanical and Engineering consultants, our solutions are a breath of fresh air. We don't just offer connectivity; we offer future-proof digital backbones. Our neutral-host models, combined with cloud-driven technology, simplify deployments and amplify the future-readiness of every venture.

Our partnership goes beyond transactional. From ideation to completion and ongoing maintenance, our expertise fortifies your plans. Entrust us to give your projects unparalleled connectivity, ensuring they remain relevant, resilient, and ready for the future's digital demands.