BAI Communications (in the Northern Hemisphere), Mobilitie, Signal Point, Transit Wireless, Vilicom and ZenFi Networks have rebranded to Boldyn Networks. Combining the power of six global companies into one of the world's largest neutral host providers. Learn more.

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Private 5G networks

Broad, mobile connectivity for any space

Complete coverage and control. Unmatched reliability. Lower latency. Enhanced security. And all the capacity you need. Get these benefits and more with a 4G/LTE or 5G private network.

Indoor and outdoor private 5G networks delivered from end to end

Wherever you need 4G/LTE or 5G coverage, whatever you need it for. No matter how complex your environment, we can design, build and manage the perfect private network for you.
Cross-sector experience

Private 5G networks for any industry

From transportation and emergency services to utilities and healthcare facilities, we’ve delivered private 5G networks for organisations of all types and sizes.
IoT applications

Robust connectivity for the Internet of Things

IoT sensors and devices that work across large areas. Machine-to-machine communication in a fast-paced port or factory. A private 5G network can provide the capacity, coverage and latency you need.
Public health and safety

Reliable connectivity for any situation

Our networks power critical communications services in Hong Kong and across Asia. They also connect “help points” in New York City’s underground transit stations.
Funding options

Flexible funding for your private 5G network

Make your project happen with our flexible financing options. We can help you strike the right balance between capital and operating costs to fund your 4G/LTE or 5G private network.

Get a private 5G network wherever you need it

Ready for the next step? Learn more about our 4G/LTE and 5G private wireless networks – and how we can serve you with world-class connectivity.