BAI Communications (in the Northern Hemisphere), Mobilitie, Signal Point, Transit Wireless, Vilicom and ZenFi Networks have rebranded to Boldyn Networks. Combining the power of six global companies into one of the world's largest neutral host providers. Learn more.

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Be yourself & Do great work - Jissa Valerio-Woss

Jissa Valerio-Woss, Senior Finance Business Partner, US

There’s a great opportunity to learn across and experience the business as a whole, and collaborate with great people who help you understand everything – something that you don’t find everywhere.

— Jissa Valerio-Woss

Senior Finance Business Partner

I joined Transit Wireless three years ago. Joining was a pivot for me after working in Wall Street for the last 20 years or so. I wanted to make a change and work in the technology sector, and I figured a small technology company like Transit Wireless would be the best fit – somewhere I could see the entire process and learn the business quicker.  

I think rebranding into Boldyn Networks is a great move. It’ll provide lots of opportunities, not just externally for the business to grow and be more competitive, but also internally for the employees to explore and move around different areas of the business, with more chances to get into leadership roles. 

I work in business finance, and we collaborate with other areas of the company to gather financial information to provide analysis and support for our commercial opportunities. We have strong working relationships across different departments like with engineering and business development, senior management and accounting. It makes it very dynamic because you’re always working with a variety of people, and with it being a smaller company, you get to know everybody.  

Everyone in the company contributes to growth to some degree. In my position, I see exactly what opportunities are worth going after, and I think that may have more of a direct impact in terms of what we look at and provide information for when making decisions. Overall, it’s very rewarding because if someone asks me who I work for, I tell them we’re the people who give you Wi-Fi on the subway. You can really see the impact of what we do as you walk around the city.  

In this team, they really care about your happiness and well-being. They make sure you’re in the right seat and you’re progressing in your career. You always feel you have someone trying to help you figure out whatever issue you may be navigating, and as we expand, I don’t see why we would lose this. If we keep putting people first, it really makes a difference in employees being engaged and motivated, and wanting to bring their best to work every day. 

Right now, everything is being put together, but there’s no question that we’re going to be a much bigger contender in the telecommunications field, and most definitely be able to grow and find more commercial opportunities and venues. It’s incredibly exciting.

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