BAI Communications (in the Northern Hemisphere), Mobilitie, Signal Point, Transit Wireless, Vilicom and ZenFi Networks have rebranded to Boldyn Networks. Combining the power of six global companies into one of the world's largest neutral host providers. Learn more.

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IoT applications

The network infrastructure you need for smart everything

Smart stadiums. Smart transit. Smart cities. Just a few Internet of Things (IoT) applications enabled by powerful communication networks. And we deliver those networks from end to end.

Your trusted partner for IoT and smart applications

We can deploy public Wi-Fi, DAS, a private 5G network – whatever you need to enable IoT applications within a factory. Throughout a transit system. Across an entire city.
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Custom solutions

Global company, local approach

We work directly with every customer to design solutions that meet their needs. And we bring best-of-breed solutions and lessons learned from deployments around the world.
IoT platforms

More than just connectivity for IoT applications

Roll out and manage smart devices from any vendor with our smart transit and smart city platforms. Or bring wireless connectivity and smart services to your city’s streets with Linked5G smart poles.
Smart city infrastructure

Critical connectivity for the cities of the future

Get the smart city network needed to support thousands of connected sensors and devices. Enable smart health and social care services. Smart waste management. Smart lighting. And a lot more.
Smart transit

IoT applications for safer, smarter transit

Keep trains running by detecting issues before they become big problems. Avoid overcrowding with real-time insight into passenger density. Make better routes and schedules with travel pattern data.

Get the connectivity you need for IoT and smart applications

Ready for the next step? Learn more about our network design and implementation services, smart transit and smart city platforms, and other offerings.