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Boldyn Networks rolls out new fibre network across Kingston upon Thames to boost public safety

  • A new fibre network from Boldyn Networks will enhance public safety across Kingston upon Thames
  • The project was grant funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA), via Transport for London (TfL), to improve digital connectivity across London’s boroughs
  • The new fibre network complements Boldyn Networks and Kingston Council’s smart infrastructure pilot to deploy smart columns across the borough

12 October 2023 | London, England

Boldyn Networks is boosting public safety across the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames as it introduces a new fibre network to improve the borough’s CCTV network.

The new high-speed fibre network will provide vital connectivity to the 41 CCTV locations across the borough, which will record higher quality and more reliable images. The footage will be high-enough quality to use as evidence in court, representing a significant boost to public safety.  

The network has been installed by leading neutral host provider Boldyn Networks with delivery partner, Virgin Media. The project was funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA), via Transport for London (TfL) and it forms part of the wider Mayor of London’s Connected London programme, to improve digital connectivity across London boroughs and build the foundations for smart city applications. This includes new sensors to monitor air quality, better monitoring of traffic congestion, as well as supporting councils to enhance public safety.

The new fibre network will complement the roll out of Boldyn Networks and Kingston Council’s recently announced pilot to deploy smart columns to boost mobile connectivity, improve council services and enhance public safety. A project that was awarded funding by Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) as part of its ‘Smart Infrastructure Pilots’ programme to support the delivery of the government’s UK Wireless Infrastructure Strategy.

Theo Blackwell, Chief Digital Officer for London, said: “Making sure that every borough in London has a robust and reliable digital infrastructure, with the support of the latest innovations in digital technology, is crucial to the Mayor’s commitment to making the capital a better, safer and more prosperous city for all. The introduction of the new fibre network across Kingston upon Thames, funded by the Greater London Authority and installed by Boldyn Networks, will hugely enhance public safety and connectivity throughout the borough and lay the foundations to positively transform local services in the future.”

Billy D’Arcy, CEO of UK & Ireland at Boldyn Networks, said: “Boldyn Networks is delighted to be collaborating with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames to deliver a new fibre network for the borough. High-quality digital infrastructure is an essential foundation for economic growth and innovation, and we look forward to working with more boroughs across London so that they can harness the benefits of high-speed digital connectivity.”

Chris Begley, Resilience Planning Manager (CCTV), Royal Borough Kingston upon Thames, said: “This project has enabled us to reach parts of the borough previously hard to reach and lacking in CCTV and digital connectivity. 41 locations across the borough will benefit from more CCTV cameras which will improve community safety, support the Police and Courts, and support the rollout of smart city technologies going forward, making it easier and quicker for residents and businesses to be digitally connected.  

“It has been a real pleasure working with Virgin Media, Boldyn Networks, TfL and GLA, to ensure this project was delivered successfully. We are delighted that it has been delivered ahead of schedule and within budget, which is testament to the efforts of all involved in this project.” 

This follows the installation of a high-speed fibre network in the borough of Sutton. These fibre networks complement Boldyn Network’s 20-year concession with TfL to deliver a backbone of fibre connectivity across the capital and high-speed mobile connectivity across the London Underground.