BAI Communications (in the Northern Hemisphere), Mobilitie, Signal Point, Transit Wireless, Vilicom and ZenFi Networks have rebranded to Boldyn Networks. Combining the power of six global companies into one of the world's largest neutral host providers. Learn more.

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BAI Communications transforms into Boldyn Networks with game-changing AI-created brand identity

This media release/news item was published prior to our rebrand to Boldyn Networks in June 2023. Learn more about our rebrand here.

The new dynamic brand will be ever-evolving to reflect societal change, technology innovation and Boldyn Networks’ growth ambitions

 BAI Communications (BAI) revealed it will be rebranding as Boldyn Networks in June 2023, bringing together its six companies under one, new brand. A leader in the category, Boldyn Networks’ new identity is rooted in AI (artificial intelligence), resulting in a unique brand that sets the new powerhouse apart from other companies in the sector. The rebrand sees Boldyn Networks become a leader in the way brands use AI to create and shape their visual identity. The BAI Group companies that will be rebranded as Boldyn Networks include Mobilitie, Signal Point Systems, ZenFi Networks, Transit Wireless, Vilicom and BAI Communications operations in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Canada, and Italy.

New York-based consultancy Landor & Fitch (L&F) is behind the new identity, which includes a new name, logo, colour palette, font type, photography and AI-generated imagery. The new name is entrenched in Boldyn Networks’ commitment to be bold and dynamic thinkers, delivering shared network infrastructure solutions that create long-term positive change for everyone. The new brand also features hero color Viva Magenta, expressive of bravery, fearlessness, and fresh in its relevance, having been voted Pantone’s 2023 ‘Color of the Year’.

The use of AI to create the new brand sees Boldyn Networks lead the category, and brings with it much needed flexibility, empowering the neutral host leader to evolve its visual identity as it grows and expands. The AI-infused brand offers Boldyn Networks the possibility to create its own branded assets, promoting brand individuality and freedom.

“We have a compelling vision for an interconnected future. Our new name is grounded in our drive to be innovative, bold, and dynamic, collaborating with our clients to create long-term technology solutions that will move society forward and solve tomorrow’s greatest challenges,” said Sarah Roberts, Group Chief Marketing Officer, BAI Communications. “Our commitment to those values had to manifest in our new brand. We see automation and AI playing an increasingly vital role in the way we all connect, so using an AI-created brand felt like the natural evolution for us. The result is our new, bold and dynamic Boldyn Networks brand identity, rooted in AI, that brings to life years of experience, and means we can reimagine tomorrow’s network infrastructure. Creating a new brand from scratch in a way that diverges from the usual takes courage. We’re excited to unveil our new identity today, and with it, the possibility to connect everyone in a smarter, more inclusive, and sustainable way.”

MB, Executive Creative Director, Landor & Fitch, said: “A brand that is rooted in technology is using technology to literally create itself. That’s epic. And frankly the reason we went to AI is because Boldyn Network’s vision of the future didn’t exist yet. We needed to reimagine the future outside of existing category tropes. It’s all future-forward.”

Established in Australia in 1923, BAI has a 100-year pedigree in broadcast and telecom solutions. In the last two years, BAI has delivered impressive organic and inorganic growth, acquiring Mobilitie, Signal Point Systems and ZenFi Networks in the United States, and Vilicom in Ireland and the UK. BAI is also a majority owner of Transit Wireless in the US since 2010. All BAI companies will begin operating officially as Boldyn Networks at the end of June 2023, continuing to support mobile and fixed network operators and customers in the transit, venue, government, military, real estate, and enterprise sectors with an integrated portfolio and expanded capabilities.


-Boldyn Networks’ global headquarters will be in the Northern Hemisphere and the BAI Group will be splitting from BAI Australia to become Boldyn Networks. The Australian business will continue to operate under the BAI brand for now. BAI Australia leads one of the most extensive broadcast networks in the world and it’s focused on expanding its telecommunications offering with the long-term vision of growing and scaling with customers to advance connectivity across Australia.

Boldyn Networks brand assets can be downloaded here.