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Diving into the world of connectivity, sharing insights and expert opinions.

S01 E09

Latest Episode

A Lifetime in Passenger Transport with Chris Cheek

Published on Wed, 10 Jan 2024

Chris Burchett from Boldyn Networks is talking to Chris Cheek.

Chris is a storied leader in transport with over 40 years of experience across several organisations, working today as a commentator and analyst of public transport matters across the UK.

From his management experience to founding what are known now as the UK Bus Awards and prolific writings about travel both fact and fiction - he lives for transport.

S01 E08

Behavioural Science Practice in Transport with Rory Sutherland

Published on Wed, 20 Dec 2023

Chris Burchett of Boldyn Networks and Iain Montgomery of Label Sessions are talking to the wonderful Rory Sutherland.

Rory is the vice chairman of Ogilvy UK and the founder of the Behavioural Science Practice, he's a legend in the innovation and transport communities.

In this episode, a wide range of topics are covered ranging from the magic of the Heathrow Pod Parking System in London to e-bikes and the issue of airports turning into luxury shopping malls and beyond.

S01 E07

Enabling Public Transport with Alex Hornby

Published on Wed, 6 Dec 2023

In this episode, Chris Burchett from Boldyn Networks is talking to Alex Hornby.

Alex is the managing director of McGill’s Bus Group, the largest independently run bus and coach operator in the UK. Previously, Alex led Transdev Blazefield and played a huge role in creating some of the UK’s best bus routes.

Alex is of course a strong believer in the role of public transport as a key economic and social enabler, making his bus operations a genuinely desirable mode of transport.

S01 E06

Railway Innovations with Dan Piner

Published on Wed, 22 Nov 2023

Chris Burchett from Boldyn Networks is talking to Dan Piner, senior design and innovation manager at South Western Railway in England.

They discuss innovations across South Western, including enhancement of connectivity options on their rail, expanding station offerings and creating a more seamless travel experience for passengers.

S01 E05

Empowering Bus Travel with Robert Montgomery

Published on Thu, 9 Nov 2023

Chris Burchett from Boldyn Networks is talking to Robert Montgomery, a storied UK bus executive with a career spanning decades.

Their discussion centres around the importance of making buses a more attractive option to passengers, ranging from the aesthetics in a bus’ design to improvements in frequency, reliability and comfort.

S01 E04

Community & City Building with Jasmine Palardy

Published on Fri, 27 Oct 2023

Today, Iain Montgomery on behalf of Boldyn Networks is talking to Jasmine Palardy.Jasmine is a community and city-builder with a mission to bring creators together to share and build upon their visions for the future - spending a career developing programmes and spaces to accelerate innovation in her field.City-building to Jasmine is about shared moments, encouraging creativity and learning and we discuss how that plays into the roles of stations and connected transit.

S01 E03

Reimagining Transportation with Bronwyn Williams

Published on Wed, 18 Oct 2023

Chris Burchett from Boldyn Networks is talking to Bronwyn Williams, a globally known futurist from South Africa, where they discuss her role in challenging norms, setting future expectations in travel, and reimagining transportation through connectivity, sustainability, and shared experiences.

S01 E02

Travel Behavior with Pete Dyson

Published on Wed, 18 Oct 2023

Chris Burchett from Boldyn Networks is talking to Pete Dyson.Pete is a leading behavioural scientist in the world of transport and travel behaviour, previously penning Transport for Humans alongside Rory Sutherland - proving the immense potential behavioural science can have on the designs of our roads, railways, planes and pavements.Pete’s mission is to embrace the messy reality of how we travel and learn from it to improve our future.

S01 E01

Welcome to the Connected Commute

Published on Wed, 18 Oct 2023

Welcome to the Connected Commute podcast from Boldyn Networks.Boldyn Networks is unlocking the power of an interconnected future by bringing you insights from leaders in transport around the globe.Iain Montgomery of Label Sessions and today we’re introducing Boldyn’s very own Chris Burchett. He is the grandly titled Head of Product Development, Innovation and Solutions at Boldyn Networks and will takeover as the host of his podcast.We’re delivering the advanced shared network infrastructures needed for a smart, inclusive and sustainable future. From interconnected transit to venues. Enterprises to smart cities. We're creating new possibilities in the way people live, work and play.To find out more, visit

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