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How London’s multi-layered 5G network is getting real estate connected

by Gearoid Collins

In the heart of London, a digital revolution is taking place. Alongside Transport for London (TfL), Boldyn Networks is pushing forward with our goal to unlock the power of an interconnected future. Rolling out strong, reliable mobile and fibre networks across the tube network in London.

Not only is this giving Londoners the always-on coverage they demand – but also giving London's property markets a unique opportunity for a digital upgrade.

London’s digital landscape: Changing top to bottom

As a neutral host provider of 4G and 5G, we're working with TfL to boost coverage in the London underground and busy pedestrian areas. All major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) - Three, Vodafone, VMO2, and EE - are now part of our network, ensuring all their customers will be able to stay connected on the go.

But this is more than just coverage for commuters - it's a strategic gigabit network for the city. We’re building over 200kms of brand new high capacity fibre to support the 4G/5G rollout. This will create a new gigabit backbone for the whole city which crosses major red-routes, waterways and existing builds. Giving landlords and developers a unique opportunity to eliminate dead zones in offices or new housing developments.

In a connected city, landlords and developers can’t afford for their buildings to be dead zones.

With MNOs completely stepping back from addressing coverage issues within commercial or residential spaces, the responsibility has shifted back on developers and landlords. Boldyn Networks has responded to this shift by pioneering new strategies for indoor coverage. Laying the groundwork for carrier-agnostic networks that redefine ease and accessibility.

Digital upgrade: delivering mobile signal directly into buildings through the cloud

Navigating the maze of integrating in-building networks with multiple MNOs  is often daunting. Bulky equipment requirements can be an eyesore and logistically challenging – especially when it comes time to upgrade to the next generation of tech. Our network in London offers a solution that is both elegant and efficient.

Strategically placed across London's Zones 1-9, our Base Station Hotel sites are the core of our operation. They house the key MNO equipment, eliminating the need for excessive machinery within buildings or underground spaces. From these sites, we channel mobile signals along fibre routes deep into the underground – without the need for bulky equipment in stations or tunnels.

When it comes to in-building networks throughout the city, the principle remains the same. Our base station hotels serve as centralised hubs, allowing us to deploy connectivity effortlessly. With most of our network operating in the cloud or from these hubs, we offer rapid and cost-effective deployment. The best part? It's unobtrusive, only requiring a fraction of the space in your building.

The result?

A top-tier 4G/5G DAS network that's efficient on space, reduced in energy consumption, and easier to manage or upgrade than its standard counterparts. Meaning reliable in-building connectivity that's affordable for property owners and managers.

This is not just connectivity; it's Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS).

Now, the dream of in-building connectivity has become an affordable reality for London’s building owners and tenants.

A new way of thinking for a new kind of capital city

In the telecoms industry, we have always maintained that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ technical solution for delivering connectivity. And while there's no universal technical solution, CaaS stands out as a versatile model, catering to every stakeholder in the real-estate ecosystem.

It's cost-effective, green, and ready for future upgrades. Plus, it's easy for multiple MNOs to join in without cluttering up buildings.

Boldyn Networks’ CaaS model stands out from the competition.. It caters to property owners, businesses, and everyday users, ensuring steady mobile coverage in London and beyond.

If you’re ready to start your connectivity journey, get in touch today.


If you're an occupier or owner of a commercial office building. The manager of large residential properties or planning the build of a new mixed use property. Whatever type of building, we can help you connect it.